Saturday, 12 March 2011

Paul Rigney and his Rickman Honda

Rickman Motorcycles was established by Don and Derek Rickman in 1959. The core of their business was making motorcycle frames for other manufacturers' engines. These frames (initially for off-road bikes) were sold as kits to which you would fit the engine, and electrics from a production bike and usually take it racing.
Rickman did for a while produce their own complete machines, but only when a manufacturer would acquiesce to selling the brothers some engines, which was not often. None of the British manufacturers would do so. Rickman's last factory special rolled out the door in 1975. The factory continued in its work, producing in later years frames for the Suzuki GS1000, Honda CB900 Bol d’Or and Kawasaki Z1 900.
This example, owned by Paul Rigney, was imported into Australia in 1977. The donor CB750 was also a 1977 model. It was optioned as a single seater, so came with the longer tank and shorter tail unit. Being a ’77 model it came with the Kawasaki cast wheels that incorporated a cush-drive.
Paul has performed an astonishing restoration on his CR750, and thanks good friend Geoff Martin for the engine rebuild and for all his help.

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